Why Web Hosting has an Impact on your Search Engine Rankings

Mar 01, 2020 Hosting

5 Reasons Why Web Hosting has an Impact on your Search Engine Rankings

Web Hosting in Bangladesh now has risen to the importance that you could not have imagined. Bangladeshi businesses have seen the overall efficiency of websites as a top reason for getting more transactions. That is why they are flocking the web to gain better results. But one of the essential parts of a website’s success depends on its search engine optimization.

If your website does not show up in an organic search query, then you wouldn’t be able to have any success. You would have to make sure that your website is search engine optimized. If you can do that, then you can enjoy more visitors and conversions at a rapid rate. Now the question shifts to how your hosting can affect your site rankings.

Hosting providers in Bangladesh are trying to include the necessary tools to boost your search engine rankings. But you as a user have to know a bit more to get your value for money. HostDokan is a hosting service provider in Bangladesh that knows what you need your right knowledge.

So we bring to you the ways web hosting can impact your rankings. We will also touch upon how HostDokan can help.

Website Loading Speed
Right of the bat, one of the critical things you should see is the Website load speed. When your intended customer wants to find your website, they will search for your site. We always regard Google as the end-all, be-all search engine. So Google places the most relevant website on top of its search results.

Now, if you don’t have a speedy site, then there is a problem. Once Google sees your website, it goes through all of your pages to index them. If your page speed is not fast enough, then Google will not index your site pages.

So your site speed has to load correctly. An excellent hosting service can help you get a fast loading website. GB – Unlimited bandwidth, along with cPanel access, can help you optimize your site speed without any problems. So having an excellent hosting package helps with your ranking.

Keep your site secure
A website has to have a specific level of safety. Your users will visit your site often. They will also interact with your site and hopefully turn into paying customers. But if there is any lack of security, you and your user’s data will be in peril.

So there should include several security measures to fall back on for security. A web hosting might not directly have security measures but have it in the background. Excellent database support, email coverage, SSL certificates can have a secure performance for your website.

Why SSL certificates matter
SSL certificates have become must-have components for your website. You can see the effect an SSL has. Your website is in connection with a server. That server provides users with your site once a search request comes.

If you do not have an SSL certificate installed, then you cannot call your connection secure. Without SSL, your users might not receive your site. There might be loads of problems with user experience. Another aspect that is related to rankings is that Google has acknowledged SSL certificates as a ranking factor for your website.

If you don’t have an SSL certificate on your site, you cannot rank in the Search Engine Result Pages. An excellent web hosting service gives you SSL certificates as a bonus for your website.

Your website should be up at the maximum level. The users and potential customers would want to find your site at all times. So uptime has to be on a consistent level. This performance solely depends on the hosting you use. If you don’t have good hosting, then you wouldn’t have that constant uptime.

It is rare for you to have a website or hosting that gives you a 100% hosting guarantee. But you can also benefit from excellent uptime if you have FTP accounts with your web hosting packages as well. Uptime can benefit from having an all-round web hosting package.

Server Support
Servers are the primary source of hosting benefits. If you have a hosting service with the right amount of server support, then you can be assured of useful experience. Your hosting plans can give you the right amount of server support.

VPS and Dedicated server hosting help you to scale-up in proper time. They also have strong server support. The location of the server can also play a role in making your page rank high in the result pages.

What HostDokan Offers You

  • HostDokan helps you get all the ranking benefits you need from your hosting service. The plans include
  • SSL certificates
  • FTP accounts
  • cPanel support
  • Server hosting plans and more

HostDokan plans will help you get your rankings high quickly.

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