Features You Should Look For In a Hosting Provider in Bangladesh

Jun 22, 2020 Hosting

Features You Should Look For In a Hosting Provider in Bangladesh

Hosting is an essential part of your web experience, both as a user and a provider. In the current era, hosting providers in Bangladesh has increased over time. The surge of new online businesses has made Bangladesh a viable place for making a buck selling hosting plans. But as a responsible user, you must seek out the best services for your website. A website is a short-medium that does a lot with the proper tools onboard. But why should you look at the specifications of the hosting packages? There are some things you should consider when you are looking for a potent Hosting package.

Hosting has gone beyond the standard act of getting a website online and keeping it available there. There are lots of essential functions that need addressing when you are looking for success online. A website is an entity and a representation of you online. So if your business has to prosper, your website’s performance and offerings need to be on the tip-top state. You wouldn’t see these features on principle sheets of the services. But once you look deeper, you can get some additional benefits from the hosting plans. The following are some of the features we should look for.

A Layered Domain Support

Domains are the addresses or locations of a website on the web. You can have a website online only if your area is ready and set up correctly. If you don’t have a proper domain, then you wouldn’t have a website on your hand. There is another part of the domain necessity you have to consider. Most hosting companies offer domain support along with the hosting packages.

But you have to see if the service offers you multiple domain support. The provision for necessary subdomains is also worth looking. Having numerous domain options open a lot of possibilities, such as having many portals on your website.

Get a Website

At one time, you had to have a professional web developer making your website. It took a lot of costs to make a website. But as technology evolved, so did the ways to make websites. CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, and other platforms are making it very easy to create websites and manage them easily. Independent website builder applications are also available now.

Many hosting services have a website builder among their services. It would help if you also looked for hosting services that offer a website builder along with the bundle. As a beginner, you can save a lot of money if you can have a site from the hosting service.

Email support

Email hosting is a vital part of a digital presence. Long gone are the days, when email was exclusive support. Now, the support for emails has gone up. But there is a new wrinkle in the use of emails. You might have seen custom email addresses. The businesses use email addresses as support or corporate entity of sorts. That is why you need email hosting support along with your hosting service.

The top tier hosting services in the market currently has email support. There are hosting email packages, added benefits, and also several email accounts you can have. So make sure you have a web hosting service that gives you the email support.

SSL certificates

Security is one option that you have to consider always before making a website. You’re website’s security not only attributes to the safety but also has lots to do with user experience. One type of protection you can identify as a dire need is the inclusion of SSL certificates. SSL certificates ensure that the connection to the server for your website is secure. An SSL certificate is essential for Google’s search bots to index the page.

Now, Hosting companies offer SSL certificates with their hosting plans, and you can get them for free with each project. So, look for the hosting packages that provide free SSL certificates.

Unlimited support

Hosting is a complex grouping of services. So if we have never had any initiation with hosting services, then it might be tough for us to manage our needs and queries. So you need a hosting service with proper customer support. The answer to your questions might need answering instantly. So, there should be excellent customer support on board to make sure you get solutions.

It will help if you are looking for hosting services that have 24/7 support with email, call facilities. They should respond very quickly. Moreover, the service should also have a chat system to answer the queries rapidly.

HostDokan gives you

HostDokan is a web hosting provider in Bangladesh that provides you with all the necessary components for a useful web hosting including

  • Domain support
  • Email hosting
  • SSL certificates
  • Customer support and more

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