How and Why Brick And Mortar businesses should Go Online

Mar 09, 2020 Tips & Tricks

How and Why Brick And Mortar businesses should Go Online

Our business environment in Bangladesh has changed drastically. Web hosting in Bangladesh has risen to a whole new level of interest. As businesses are going online, we now see the need to use the online environment holistically. New startups are popping up with new solutions for users. These startups are getting a platform to grow faster because of the overarching benefits that online business provides.

But what about traditional brick and mortar businesses? For those who do not know what brick and mortar are, brick and mortar is the type of store that relies on a physical shop to do business. For the survival of their business, physical stores should have a presence online.

That is the topic we present today. HostDokan is a hosting provider in Bangladesh who also brings you information regarding your hosting knowledge. Today we will discuss why and how traditional businesses should convert to the online platform.

The Why
First of all, we should talk about the key reasons why traditional businesses should think of going online.

More Reach
The online media has more reach than physical promotions. A small or medium business has a very modest investment behind it. The traditional companies usually relied upon word of mouth and small banners or posters to make people know about their shop. Large corporations have their designated budget for promotions.

But once you go online, there is almost a level playing field. If you have an online presence in the form of a website, it makes for secure promotion. On top of this, integration with social media helps with reaching more customers in general.

Promotion and Conversion in the same place
In the initial stage, a website was a form of promotional medium. Having a website could help in individually promoting the complete services of the business. But with the surge of the eCommerce platform, people can order products on the site.

So, in essence, online media has enabled the use of websites to promote and operate a business at the same time. The WordPress CMS and the eCommerce tools have made doing business online much more accessible. The analytics support in these systems makes for a more efficient performance than any brick and mortar front.

A matter of survival
There are lots of stores in Bangladesh that have existed through and through because of traditional aspects. But as the new generation is getting into the online business model, businesses now have to adapt.

The current generation wants to have food ordered to their home rather than going out. It’s not like they are lazy, but they want options. So brick and mortar businesses cannot rely on reputation and name value to be afloat. They should use online media to keep abreast of all the market benefits. Going online will ensure their equal footing and help them keep up with more tech-savvy new brands

The How
We should now talk about how traditional businesses can move to an online setting. We will also mention what components you can add to make your online presence even more worth the value.

Get a Website
The first step towards going online is to create an online presence for yourself. That is just formal language for getting a website. No matter what your business is, you should have a website online.

A website needs a domain, hosting, and other added benefits to launching your website. Once you have a working website and the necessary components you need, you can have your web operations running.

Promote through the online medium
As we said before, a website can promote a business in a broader range than any other medium. Social media is an excellent example of a subsection on the web. Using social media tools will increase your chances. Integrate your website with your social media accounts and promote posts and use other ways to take advantage of social media.

Email is another form of service you can get from hosting services nowadays. Having a professional email hosting gives you corporate identity. You can also use your email hosting to email campaigns.

You can create your web presence to give more of an identity or character to your business with the online services. An online presence gives you a voice that no physical world medium can provide. You should have a blog regarding your business field and engage your visitors with in-depth articles.

Running campaigns and giving discounts can also create good business activity on the website. If you can increase user interactivity, people will be more or less likely to convert at a particular point of time.

How HostDokan gives you tools to go online.

With HostDokan you can go online and make your business shine. You can receive the following benefits:

  • Hosting benefits with Shared, WordPress, Reseller, and Server hosting packages
  • Domain support
  • Email Accounts
  • FTP accounts
  • Free SSL certificates for secure connections

HostDokan hosting packages and tools will help you to get your brick and mortar business online in no time.

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