Why Web Hosting is important to keep Your Website Safe

Apr 01, 2020 Hosting

Why Web Hosting is important to keep Your Website Safe

Hosting is the backbone of any website. That is why to make your site secure and free from malware you need a reliable and secured hosting service. The more the days are going, the more threats we have to maintain our website. If you own a website with massive traffic, then your website is more vulnerable. With a surge of online businesses opening left, right, and centre, we might lose track of what it takes for us to keep our website safe. It is also a lack of knowledge about the hosting technicalities that might have an effect on how you use your internet resources.

The security of your website coincides with a lot of factors of user experience, site performance and overall health of the website. But the problem is that not all people understand the very small technicalities of website maintenance. Some of the aspects tie into the safety and security of the website. Hosting has a lot to do with these aspects. HostDokan is a web hosting provider in Bangladesh and has been working on providing the best web hosting experience for online ventures, small or big. So we bring you the aspects you should look for in a hosting plan in terms of security.

SSL Certificates

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a protocol that is in use for connection security. Your web host keeps your files for your website on the servers. Once a user requests through their browser or any search engine, the data show up at the user’s local device. The connection to the server and the machine has to be secure.

This secure connection is possible through an SSL certificate. That is how the servers ensure your files get to the users’ PC. An SSL certificate ensures that your user experience is up to the mark. It is also a necessity for search engine rankings as Google does not index websites without an SSL certificate.

Backups at regularity

There are many instances where you are continuously putting new content on your website. But you can’t account for any damage that might occur during the operations of the website. There might be server crashes, hacking attempts, SQL injections, and many other attempts at stealing or damaging your data. But that will mean your precious website data might not be available.

So you need web hosting services that give you regular backups. If you have a WordPress hosting plan, you can easily have your site data backups regularly. So, make sure that you have a hosting service that gives you backup facilities for your website.

File Transfer Protocol

Once you have a website or want to upload your website files, then you know what a file transfer protocol is. Website file uploads are not as simple as uploading a media to social media. Because of how complex the whole process is, an FTP is for you to upload your files to your website.

But FTP isn’t always available in your hosting plans. You have to see that your hosting plans have FTP. Another version of the FTP is the SFTP. This version makes sure your file transfer is secure, and no entity can cause a leak in the process.

Maintenance of Server

The server maintenance is an essential part of keeping your website safe. While you would want a good enough server performance, you should look for hosting services for server maintenance data. If your host does server maintenance regularly, then you can be assured of your safe and secure performance for your website.

You will not receive the information regarding regular maintenance checks. But if your hosting provider has a 24/7 customer support system, then you can ask them for information regarding server maintenance work if they do a bi-weekly maintenance check then its good enough for you.

How Host Dokan keeps your website safe

Host Dokan is a hosting service in Bangladesh that gives you more options for efficient website maintenance. There are also options with which you can secure your website. The features that do so include

These features from Host Dokan keeps your site safe and secure.

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